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Bates Motel
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The Forest Of Fear
As the legend goes, this land was once the home of many mad men, sometime during the late 1800\'s an insane Asylum was built on these very grounds that is now home to our haunt. Many crazy, bizzare, and down right wicked things have happened to many poor patients during the asylums existence. When the owners of the land were preparing the woods to run Lewistown\'s only independantly owned h...
Lewistown > Halloween > Haunted Houses

Huston's Haunted Hollow
Haunted House -- Your heart pounds and your palms begin to sweat as you approach the house where many enter but few leave. Prepare yourself for a hair-raising interactive experience with over a dozen scenes in ten separate areas. Highlights of the experience include a \"Maniacal Gatekeeper,\" \"Crazed Butcher,\" the \"Spike Room\" and the \"T...
Rockwood > Halloween > Haunted Houses

Fright Farm
Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people\'s Halloween tradition for over a decade, growing every year since it\'s inception. Fright Farm is the largest haunted attraction in Western Pennsylvania! Enter the Evil grounds and you are faced with live music and bands, monsterous big screen movies, vendors and concessions, computer light show, celebrity appearances, and more. Then...
Smithfield > Halloween > Haunted Houses

OCCHP Pumkin Bumkin Committee
A celebration of the season in downtown Oil City. This special event is always held on the weekend before Halloween. There's always something for everyone. Food, arts/crafts, live entertainment, haunted house, fireworks & more.Food Vendors, craft vendors, snake exhibit by EXTREME REPTILES (small entry fee), apple cider demonstrations, maple sugar demonstrations, free horse drawn ...
Oil City > Halloween > Halloween Events

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