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Gravestone Manor Theatrical Haunted House
Gravestone Manor is arguably Pennsylvania\'s most unique haunted house attraction. Don\'t come expecting air horns, pointless dark corridors, and madmen wearing hockey masks. You won\'t even find a single chainsaw in operation at Gravestone Manor, Non-profit, indoor attraction. All proceeds donated to charity. We are an unusual hybrid between live community theater and a walk-t...
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Spook Haven Haunted House
Lock Haven > Halloween > Haunted Houses

Bates Motel
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Hundred Acres Manor
at the manor appear to be most intigued by mortals like yourself and take pleasue in walking in the shadows of the neitherworld, and frequenting other dark and dank locals such as the manor graveyard, the mosoleum, Black Hill Sanitarium, and the bowels Fearscapes Factory. The residents rarly depart from the manor grounds unless an unexpected visitor disturbs their eternal abodeHundred Acres Manor ...
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Fright Farm
Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people\'s Halloween tradition for over a decade, growing every year since it\'s inception. Fright Farm is the largest haunted attraction in Western Pennsylvania! Enter the Evil grounds and you are faced with live music and bands, monsterous big screen movies, vendors and concessions, computer light show, celebrity appearances, and more. Then...
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Halloween Park
Dont miss this event, as one of the largest haunted houses on the east coast unveils the all new TERROR BEHIND the DOORS - Where there are too many doors, and too little light! Or test your wits against the bigger, better, and highly Interactive- HOUSE of DOOM. Unlock the clues, if you want to escape! The Ultimate in Haunted Entertainment is back, as Strinestowns own HA...
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Haunted Hills Estate
Haunted Hills Estate is located on a 100 acre farm in Uniontown, Pa. Early 1900\'s, in the hard working days, Haunted Hills Estate was owned by the Hill Family. The Estate was located over 100 acres of the most beautiful land in Pennsylvania. The Estate was known for its many beautiful scenic-walking trails. The Estate was full of life as so was the owners Edgar and Eleanor Hill an...
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Huston's Haunted Hollow
Haunted House -- Your heart pounds and your palms begin to sweat as you approach the house where many enter but few leave. Prepare yourself for a hair-raising interactive experience with over a dozen scenes in ten separate areas. Highlights of the experience include a \"Maniacal Gatekeeper,\" \"Crazed Butcher,\" the \"Spike Room\" and ...
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The Haunted Hayloft
IT was a cold winter evening in February 1889 when Herman Umberger and his family finished their dinner. How strange it must have seemed to hear a knock on the door at this time of night. Little did he know that his death lurked outside the door of his own home Two men claiming to be searching for a lost box of jewelry stepped inside the Umberger house, one short and stubby with gum boots ...
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Fright Factory
Fright Factory is entering its 8th season and it\\\'s scarier than ever! Fright Factory features three terrifying haunted attractions - Horror High, The Asylum, and NEW FOR THE 2008 SEASON - Village Of The Damned : Shipwrecked Souls The scariest place in Philadelphia 3- terrifying attractions in one location: The Asylum , Village of the Damned and Horror High. Intense and shocking !!!! ...
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